21 Year Old Campus Girl At Risk Of Losing Ksh 109Million Gift From Her Mzungu Boyfriend

Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge a 21year old girl is at a risk of loosing Ksh 109 million she received as a gift from her Belgian boyfriend.

This comes after a state agency filed a formal application to have her forfeit the money.

After investigation by the Asset recovery agency, results show that Felesta is a member of international fraudsters ring and was directly involved in a crime.

ARA report through lawyer Stephen Githinji indicate that  she is part of a syndicate involving complex money laundering schemes with individuals from various countries including Belgium from where she received the money on the pretext that it was a gift from her boyfriend.

Last year in November, her accounts were frozen for 90 days to allow full investigation on the money laundering allegations.

The 21 Year Old student of Nairobi Technical training institute opened her dollar account at Co-operative Bank on August 2, 2021 with nil balance but within four days, the account had been credited with USD914,967 (Sh104,205,591) in four transactions. She claimed the money was a gift from her Belgian boyfriend Marc De Mesel. When they were both summoned  for questions, they escaped to Tanzania as pedestrians through the Namanga border.

The agency wants Felesta’s USD914,967 (Sh104,205,591) held at Co-operative Bank and Sh5 million held at Stanbic Bank to be forfeited to the State over allegations that she was being used by her foreign partners as a conduit for the illicit funds.

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