Best Truck Driving Schools in Uganda 2022 Top 10 LIST

List of the top 10 best Truck Driving Schools in Uganda in 2022. First, knowing how to operate an automotive or a machine is usually an added advantage. This is because it can be easier for an individual to prove his or her skills and land a job. First of all, road safety in Uganda has been an issue of concern for the past decade. This is due to the increased number of accident occurrences in several parts of the country. Furthermore, most of the reported road accidents in Uganda involved lorries, buses as well as trucks. It’s for that reason that we decided to enlighten you about the best truck driving schools in Uganda.

Recently, the Total Foundation launched an initiative in Uganda that provides professional Truck driving. Certainly, the project was to upgrade driver skills to improve road safety standards in Uganda. Similarly, the project by Total Foundation was targeted at creating jobs for the citizens of Uganda.

Truck driving schools in Uganda
Best truck driving schools in Uganda

Sometimes ago, the government mentioned that all drivers should undergo a driving test. This was to ensure they have enough skills to operate automobiles. Also, those who pass the test would be awarded identification badges for easier recognition. Similarly, the government cautioned drivers of losing their badges on the off chance they commit traffic offenses. In conclusion, below is a list of the top 10 best truck driving schools in Uganda in 2022 today.

Best Truck Driving Schools in Uganda 2022

  1. Uganda Standards Driving Agency.
  2. Total Foundation Uganda.
  3. International Driving Agency (IDA).
  4. Prestige Driving School – Kampala.
  5. Prestige Driving School – Kireka.
  6. Automobile Association of Uganda (AAU). And finally on our list,
  7. Ddembe Driving School Kampala Uganda.

Lastly, you may also check on the latest rankings of the top 10 best Driving Schools in Uganda in 2022.

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