Did Hussein Mohammed lie about Ruto’s White House visit?

Kenyans are still unsure on whether or not Deputy President William Ruto toured White House.

The DP, who is gunning to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the August 2022 polls, is currently on a tour of the USA and UK.

While there, his Communications team head Hussein Mohammed explained in a tweet that the second in command held closed door meetings with unnamed US officials in the country’s first residence.

Kenya’s Deputy President Dr. William Ruto & former Vice President Musalia Mudavadi led a delegation that was hosted at the White House in Washington DC today, in a closed door meeting where issues of strategic partnership between U.S.A & Kenya were discussed, including…

— Hussein Mohamed, MBS. (@HusseinMohamedg) March 4, 2022

To complete the picture, Mohammed posted extensive footage of White House, which is US President Joe Biden in Washington DC, followed by the DP arriving at a building and walking through security checks.

Mohammed’s information is, however, subject to speculation even as a group of Kenyans on Twitter the DP had instead visited Eisenhower building, which is reported to be close to White House.

Why don’t you say the truth. There is a difference between White House and Eisenhower Building. Ruto visited the latter.

— Pauline Njoroge, HSC (@paulinenjoroge) March 4, 2022

Which meeting is this that has only the identities of the visiting delegation and none of the hosts, ama they were hosted by the building? Aaai.

— David Makali (@davidmakali1) March 4, 2022

We will debunk this false! Eisenhower Building is where Ruto was hosted. It is like saying you will be hosted in Harambee House but end up in Treasury building adjacent to the former, Ruto walked in via the rare gate not even the main entrance. Prove me WRONG 😑

— Amakanji Thomas (@AmakanjiThomas) March 4, 2022

@HusseinMohamedg is watering down his expensive fame that he build behind the cameras for years due to human needs!!….oh! What a contemporary world

— Slyh Mzalendo🇰🇪 (@Silvanus254) March 4, 2022

Don’t take us for a fool, you are here to pass a propaganda narrative, this how Eisenhower looks like, In Hussein’s video of White House, do you see any picture close to these? Sometimes kudanganya needs intelligence buana.

— Kelvin N Migarusha 🇰🇪 (@knmigarusha) March 4, 2022

There is something suspect about this whole trip. It’s low key with very little for Kenya but huge allowance for the embarrassingly huge delegation.

— Philip Githinji COG (Hon) (@WaLoganville) March 4, 2022

It is unthinkable that Ruto and Mudavadi could lead a delegation to the White House in Washington, DC, for a closed-door meeting to discuss issues of strategic partnership between the United States and Kenya. Who gave them the authority to speak on behalf of Kenyans?

— The Digital Warrior (@davimasinde) March 4, 2022

Eisenhower Building is not the White House bro, why are you misleading the public? Awuoro. 🤣🤣🤣

— Mac Otani 🇰🇪 (@MacOtani) March 4, 2022

Additionally, Kenyans have called on Hussein Mohammed to avoid sharing fake stories.

@HusseinMohamedg⁩ . He used to a journalist who was admired by many through his unique style in Journalism. A man of integrity. After joining Ruto, Hussein has changed into a liar, choreographing fake videos and pictures. You are tarnishing your career,but what for?

— Lillian London (@lillian_owinga) March 4, 2022


This is poor.

A very desperate move from your camp.

Siyo lazima.

— Fred Makajos (@Fred_Makajos) March 4, 2022

Hussein stop the blatant lies, William Ruto received, met and held a closedoor talk with himself at Eisenhower building.

— Mabonga Msomi🇰🇪 (@mabonga_s) March 4, 2022

Hussein Mohamed i used to respect you. Kindly quit this preserve your credibility. It is important.

— Kipkorir Emmanuel (@KiraengKE) March 4, 2022

At this rate Hussein will tell Kenyans that the DP William Ruto met with Kamala Harris

— Bi. Abigail Kituyi (@high__witness) March 4, 2022

Ruto is yet to officially confirm whether or not he visited White House on his official social media pages.

Neither the House or any US official has also confirmed such a meeting took place.

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