Glones Collection The New Trendy Clothing Store To Look Out For.

Having ventured out last year glones collection is revolutionizing the Kenyan fashion industry with it’s simple but elegant clothes and accessories by embracing simplicity and encompassing style into one a formidable brand looking to expand into the future.

The brands CEO Miss Gloria Nungari has always had a passion for not creating but also designing clothes that reflected how one preferred to view lucidity as to her it’s always the small things that matter and talk about the larger things without one saying a word and hence she decided to start glones collection fashion ware.

Glones collection also delivers country wide and mainly deals with both male , female and unisex wear offering a wide range of products from elegant tshirts , trendsetting jeans , modish bags & accessory’s which come at pocket friendly prices changing the whole narrative of cheap is expensive .

To order glones collection fashion wares contact them at

Phone; 0759401959

Mpesa till number; 5837655

Ig Page @https://www.instagram.com/p/CVUemmwoB4u/?utm_medium=copy_link

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