” Mwanamke Msamaria ” Njaro Njaro Singers Beckon Christians Back To The Church.

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Kenyan gospel music group the Njaro Njaro Singers have debuted their first gospel hit titled Mwanamke Msamaria which inthe Swahili lingua translates to the good samaritan woman which is derived on the biblical story of Jesus and the good Samaritan woman .

The group which comprises of members Naomi Chumba, Robert Ondieki ,Benjamin Manoti has made it’s mission to spread the good news using a Their wide array of vocals which is music to it’s fans ears using well narrated biblical excerpts which end with a well orated lesson that is both entertaining and spiritually nourishing.

Mwanamke Msamaria, follows the trio as they based their story on the biblical story of the good samaritan where Jesus asked the woman who was a Samaritan a sworn enemy of the Jews to help him with water and when she reluctantly did Jesus offered her an offer she could not refute the gift of an everlasting and spiritual nourishing live before and after life .

The Njaro Njaro Singers hence relate the story by comparing Jesus and the church to the everlasting life, and the world as the Samaritan woman with whom they should go to and claim the gift, they also remind the christians and world at large it’s only via Jesus that we can get an enteral life which quenches all worldly thirst.

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