Nice-PSG: match notes

Solid throughout the game, OGC Nice believed in it until the end and finally won in the last moments (1-0).

Almost indisputable leader of Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain traveled to the Allianz Riviera to face OGC Nice, third in the standings before this meeting counting for the 27th day of the Championship. For the last rehearsal before the knockout round of the Champions League return to Madrid, Mauricio Pochettino had to compose his 4-3-3 without Kylian Mbappé, suspended. It was Angel Di Maria who was established on the left of the attack to accompany the Neymar-Messi duo. On the Gym side, Christophe Galtier preferred Kasper Dolberg to Andy Delort alongside Amine Gouiri in his 4-4-2, while Mario Lemina returned to the midfield. The first period between these two formations seemed rather balanced in the game, despite Parisian domination in possession. Nevertheless, the Aiglons knew how to manage the battle from midfield, thus quickly putting pressure on the opposing defense. Gouiri took the opportunity to worry Keylor Navas, vigilant first (2nd) before seeing the ball graze his post (6th). PSG responded immediately through Di Maria, well launched on the counter-attack by Neymar, but El Fideo narrowly missed their dive (9th). The locals took advantage of this domination in the central circle to multiply the offensives in the opposing camp, it was without counting on the omnipresence of captain Marquinhos, always as reassuring in his area to eliminate the danger (4 clearances in the 1st period) . If he did not counter the center of Bard, the Brazilian saw Pablo Rosario completely miss his recovery from the head against his last rampart (24th). A very tactical first act, very intense in the duels, with a slight Nice advantage at half-time.

Upon returning from the locker room, Christophe Galtier’s men showed as much intensity in the first five minutes, materialized by the header of a Dante marked off on a corner, captured by Navas (48th). The rhythm of the meeting nevertheless went down over the second period, the Nice leaving control of the ball to the Parisians. Voluntary, Neymar could not make the difference on his left lane and fell on a Flavius ​​Daniliuc applied several times (49th, 60th). The Brazilian hit his free kick on the head of Kehrer, which Benitez recovered quietly in his goal area (66th). As at the start of the match, Di Maria missed his last gesture, crossing his shot too low to the ground cleared by Dante (73rd). In the midfield, Danilo Pereira and Georginio Wijnaldum did not pose any danger in the Nice half of the field, only Marco Verratti tried to make the difference with the ball in the last 30 meters (11 duels on the ground won out of 12, 2 assists keys). The incoming Icardi solicited Dante on his first touched ball, seeing his shot in first intention blocked by the dean of the Aiglons (82nd). Behind, Gouiri launched Kluivert, totally forgotten on his right flank, but the Dutchman lacked power on his shot directly on Navas (84th). Passed in front of Marquinhos on yet another serve from the former Lyonnais, Andy Delort, who entered in the 70th, did not put enough power to find the frame. But during the next transition, Calvin Stengs distilled a perfect cross at the far post for the Algerian international, who crucified Navas from the inside of the foot (88th). Icardi even thought to cause a penalty on another entrant, Jordan Lotomba, but Willy Delajod finally canceled the shot at 11 meters for a foul outside the box (90th +6). Final score: success for OGC Nice by the narrowest of margins (1-0). The Gym’s first victory against PSG in 5 years, which allows them to temporarily take the place of runner-up for the capital club, which concedes the third defeat of the season in Ligue 1 four days before its trip to Madrid.

Man of the match: Thuram (7): Author of a good match, the Nice midfielder was the eccentric hub of his team. Author of good recoveries, he often offered solutions to his partners and did not hesitate to gain meters with the ball at his feet, as when he was well taken back by Marquinhos. Replaced by Stengs (79th)who made a superb cross for Delort on the opener (88th).

OGC Nice

  • Benitez (6): the Argentinian goalkeeper did not have much to face the Parisians. In the first period, the only shot on target from PSG was a lob from Di Maria’s right foot which was well stopped by the Nice goalkeeper. Bis repeated in the second half, with only one shot on target to stop. Game frankly too simple for the Argentinian goalkeeper against the leaders of the championship.

  • Daniliuc (5.5): the young Austrian central defender (20 years old), positioned on the right side, did not cross as much as his teammate on the left side but he was quite good defensively. He won 4 of his duels, like when he came back well on Bernat (48th). He also made 4 tackles, committed 4 fouls, and only missed one pass. Replaced by Lotomba (79th).

  • Todibo (6.5): the young Aiglons central defender performed well. His duet with Dante once again appeared complementary. He didn’t hesitate to go to the duel, winning 3 and making two defensive clearances. Very clean in his transmissions (94%), he was also the author of a good return in front of Messi (49th).

  • Dante (6.5): Author of a very serious meeting, the Brazilian played his science of placement in order to avoid being taken by the rare Parisian perforations, as when he covered well on the pass from Di Maria (3rd) or that he closed the space well against Neymar (86th). However, he was not very successful in the long game (1/5).

  • Beard (6): the Gym full-back performed well on his left side. Author of several crosses (6) including the powerful one for Rosario badly taken back (23rd). Defensively, he was rarely caught out on his side but he was caught behind his back by Di Maria (8th).

  • Lemina (6.5): the former OM midfielder was very present in midfield, he won many duels (9/12) and was very present in aggressiveness. He also made 6 tackles, including the one bringing his yellow card for a foul on Messi after taking a small bridge (33rd). Also clean in his transmissions (91%), he was injured after a bad contact and was replaced by Schneiderlin (69th).

  • Rosario (5.5): the Dutch midfielder had a decent match, even if he lost most of his duels. He badly headed the cross from Bard (23rd) before trying two crosses (29th and 32nd), the second, powerful, was cleared with both fists by Navas (32nd). Accurate in passing, especially in the long game (4/5).

  • Thuram (7): see above

  • Kluivert (3.5): the Dutchman didn’t play a great game. He rarely put the Parisian defense in difficulty even if he eliminated Bernat on the side (13th). He missed half of his crosses, including that of the left taken over by Diallo (66th), he also managed only one of his six dribbles. His only shot on target ended up in the arms of Navas when he could have served Stengs alone in the middle. Replaced by Boudaoui (85th).

  • Gouiri (6): the player trained at OL was very present offensively, especially in the first period. Author of many strikes, he started with a first, on target from the start of the match (1st) then a second passed not far from Navas’ goal (5th) and a third from the outside of the foot captured by Navas (39th). He could have been the author of a decisive pass for Dolberg in the area after a good job (55th).

  • Dolberg (3): the former Ajax Amsterdam striker did not perform well against PSG. Author of a single strike, from a distance, which flew into the stands (37th), he also lost too many duels against the Parisian defenders (60%), as when he was well taken over by Marquinhos (42nd ). He poorly controlled Gouiri’s pass in depth (56th) for what could have been a dangerous action. Replaced by Delort (69th)author of the winning goal on a very good cross from Stengs.

Paris Saint Germain

  • Ships (6): if he can do nothing about Delort’s overpowering recovery, Navas was decisive in front of his goal and repelling two dangerous attempts at the start of the game for a total of five decisive saves. He was also vigilant in the aerial game.

  • Bernard (4): only two centers to report which did not give anything, like his offensive contribution throughout the meeting. He notably exploited a counterattack very badly in the second half (63rd). Defensively, he struggled past Kluivert and Rosario and lost a total of 17 balls out of the 55 balls he touched. A clearly insufficient performance at his level, especially since he is completely behind Delort’s goal.

  • Diallo (6): lined up in place of Kimpembe this Saturday evening, the 2021 African Champion overall had a clean match and was able to contain the attack of the Aiglons, despite a start to the match where he was not free from all reproach, especially during from the strike of Gouiri (1st).

  • Marquinhos (6): an interesting recovery in front of Dolberg (42nd) and a precious decisive aerial contribution, especially in front against crosses from Thuram (43rd). The captain of PSG did not have an exceptional match, but showed serenity in the face of a Nice attack in great lack of address, this Saturday. Four recoveries to report for the Brazilian.

  • Kehrer (4): a really complicated start to the match, with in particular poor control in front of Thuram (29th). Facing a full-strength Thuram, the Germany international looked overwhelmed and was of little defensive use. Offensively, he was simply non-existent. He clearly does not win points this evening, in the absence of his competitor Hakimi. Replaced by Draxler (90th)

  • Verratti (6.5): while the Parisian midfielder was ineffective, the Italian international still stood out and notably helped defensively by winning a total of 14 duels out of 138 balls touched. Offensively, he also brought and tried to combine with Neymar and Messi… in vain.

  • Danielle (5): Also in difficulty, the Portuguese could not cope with a more inspired Nice block. Danilo could not bring his paw to help the Parisian attack to progress. Defensively, he still recovered three dangerous balls. Danilo limits the damage.

  • Wijnaldum (3): an ordeal, that’s how to sum up the meeting at Wijnaldum. Already not at best since the start of the season, the Dutch international has been non-existent and has only touched 28 balls in 90 minutes … without being able to do anything about it. He had only touched 9 balls in the first period. A worrying performance that could cost him his place against Real Madrid on Wednesday in the Champions League. Replaced by Gueye (90th)

  • Di Maria (4): in the absence of Mbappé, Angel Di Maria had points to gain. He had the best clear chances in Paris (9th, 15th, 72nd), but could not take advantage of them. A frustrating match for the Argentinian, who was able to shoot four times on goal … a PSG side record this Saturday. Replaced by Icardi (79th)who was noticed by a gross fault on Daniliuc (90th + 3).

  • Neymar (3.5): an excellent pass to Di Maria, who missed his duel (72nd)… and that’s it. The Brazilian delivered a very disappointing match and lost a total of 19 balls… for only six successful dribbles. He only attempted one shot which was unsuccessful and delivered only three crosses returned by the Aiglons defense. Late in the game, he also showed frustration by attacking Gouiri at the final whistle. A performance to forget…

  • Messi (4): a small bridge in front of Lemina (33rd) and a few well-distributed balls. But overall, the Argentine was disappointing and didn’t have any clear chances to get. He didn’t even hit the goal the entire game.

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