NTSA to Change Driving License Processing System

  • The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has hinted at introducing same day services in most of its departments including the printing of driving licenses.

    According to MyGov, the official government publication, NTSA  Director General, George Njao, noted that the changes are in line with the systematic reforms the authority has been carrying out. The reforms are aimed at ensuring seamless delivery of services and see a significant reduction in service turnaround time in various sectors.

    “We are committed to continuously improving our services and reducing our turnaround time so as to enhance customer satisfaction,” Njao stated.

    NTSA Director General George Njao addresses delegates at a past event.

    NTSA Director General George Njao addresses delegates at a past event.


    The reforms, including the same day printing of driving licenses, will be achieved through adoption of state-of-the-art technology.

    “To achieve this level of efficiency, we have made security and technological advancements on TIMS and employed several service strategies in collaboration with other government agencies including Huduma Centres,” added the Director General.

    The latest changes will see applicants walk in and out of the NTSA offices with their driving licences.

    “We want our clients to enjoy quality services and for this reason, we are also currently reviewing our business processes to further simplify our operations to facilitate on-site printing and even bring services closer to them,” added Njao.

    NTSA has been undertaking reforms that have since seen the registration and transfer of motor vehicles undergo full automation. This has been achieved through the Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS).

    “Over the years, millions of motor vehicle records have been digitalised enabling access to vehicle information and convenient online transactions. The elimination of manual applications has seen a dramatic improvement of service delivery,” Njao stated.

    “We have invested heavily in improving efficiency in services relating to the issuance of licences, motor vehicle registration, transfer of ownership and we urge our clients to make time and collect their Smart Driving Licences and logbooks from the centres identified by during the application process.”

    The introduction of same day printing of licences is projected to ease the pressure and workload on the part of NTSA.

    However, NTSA has urged individuals who have not collected their driving Licences to do so, noting that thousands of them remain uncollected.

    “Thousands of logbooks and licenses lie uncollected at NTSA offices. The public is urged to collect them from authority’s offices where they applied from,” NTSA stated through a notice.

    Thousands of uncollected Driving licences posted by NTSA on Friday March 4, 2022

    Thousands of uncollected Driving licenses posted by NTSA on Friday, March 4, 2022


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