Simple Skills That Can Earn You Extra Money

  • With the current inflation rats, many are now more than ever looking for ways to earn extra money to make ends meet

    Herein is a list of simple skills that can earn you extra money.


    Are you excellent in subjects like Mathematics, Science and others? Have you ever considered tutoring? It’s a great way to expand your expertise, make profits while at the same time positively impacting the community. 


    An undated photo of KCSE students sitting the national exam


    With the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams kicking off this month, other students will have a break from their classes for close to two months.

    There is no better time to kick start your tutoring venture, with parents looking for ways to keep their students engaged. 

    Tutoring can be offered in various ways or packages. From  individual packages, group packages to online packages.

    However, you have to identify your niche or area of expertise.

    Social Media Management

    Companies and brands are aligning to social media networks as they expand into the digital world. 

    However, there are companies and brands that haven’t fully embraced digitisation. This can be a great business venture to explore.

    Influencers can pitch to manage the brands while social media managers can also explore these avenues.

    Resume Building 

    This skill requires good writing skills and a basic understanding of human resource management. 

    With students graduating every day, people changing careers and individuals with no work experience seeking jobs, there is a constant need for resume building services. 

    To be successful, you must hone your skills in interviewing to assess the background, skills, experiences and abilities of your clients.

    Errand Service

    This is a service that helps people and businesses who can’t find the time to run their errands. You can come in handy as the person to act as an intermediary.

    Whether it’s doing laundry, buying groceries or making a meal.

    One needs a bike or a car to carry out some of these errands. Those who already have this have an added advantage.

    Writing and Editing – Academic Writing

    Writing and editing are transferable skills that you use in every job, no matter the title or the field. 

    Meaning with the right degree of expertise one can apply their skills to any sector. Self-published authors and online publications are always in need of professionals to edit their manuscripts and online content.

    There is a need to have a deep understanding of grammar, language, punctuation and proofreading. Transcribing skills are an added advantage. 

    Youth queue outside County Hall, Nairobi with their certificates.

    Youth queue outside in Nairobi with their certificates, hoping to get jobs.

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