Actor Khaleed Abdul opens up about crushing on female colleague

For the majority of people, having a relationship with a colleague is termed a ‘deal breaker’.

Classmate actor cum comedian Khaleed Abdul has been fantasizing over his colleague Nzula Munyao. 

The former Churchill show comedian says he has not yet opened up about his feelings for the beautiful lass. 

He has only been expressing his feelings through suggestive posts on social media. 

“I find it hard to hide my feelings, I have been trying to make some moves but seems she has not noticed. How I wish she realises. Anyway, I’m hopeful I will shoot my shot someday,” Khaleed says.

Recently, Khaleed posted a picture of his crush to celebrate her birthday. 

“Nzula Munyao, do I still drive you crazy or we got an accident? Anyway, Happy birthday, keep winning,” he chided. 

Even though many are against dating colleagues, a number of power couples in Kenya today met at their workplaces, or are still working together.

Some couples who have been working together or met at their work places include;

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