‘Asante Mama ‘ Max Ngala And Fellow Musician Cholo Pay Tribute To Their Mothers

Kenyan promising musical talent max Ngala has teamed with motivated empire group to release a new joint titled mama a deep and mellifluous song that acknowledges the roles that mother’s play to our lives which also features singer Cholo.

Max Ngala is never shy to cover any topic whether it’s calling out the corrupt dealings of our politicians who swim in Ill gotten weatlh as their electorate languish in poverty to the drug menace inthe society max is always ready to call a spade a spade using his melodies.

In his new single mama which in swahili means mother is a deep poetic and rhythm based piece that starts with singer Cholo who is saddened that his mother left him at a young age and he is remorseful that she isn’t there anymore to see what his son has grown up to be.

Max Ngala onthe other hands returns a hand of gratitude to his mother who has stood by him from a tender age to adulthood reminding her that what she did for him can never be paid by any amount of money nor words so all he can do is to be forever appreciative of her till his last days in this world.

Watch Mama here.

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