Diamond calls out Zari's love interest on Netflix reality show

The boss lady Zari Hassan has emerged as the star in the Netflix reality show, Young, Famous and African.

The reality series follows a crew of famed, affluent stars as they work and play, flirt and feud in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The girls wanted to be her – when they could not, they ganged up on her – and the men wanted to be with her.

One man in particular who zeroed in on Zari’s attention was Andile Cube, a successful television presenter and host in South Africa. 

Andile really wants to be with Zari and doesn’t care that Diamond is his bro.

Diamond took to Instagram to share his frustrations with his pal who broke the bro code.

Diamond said, “You snitched on me Andile …Out of all, [my] damn friends.”

The Bongo superstar was referring to the fact that Andile told Zari that Diamond was making moves on Zimbabwean rapper Nadia Nakai.

Andile responded, “Yo! Easy, we spoke about this… I love you like a brother. Your family is my family.”     BY MPASHO NEWS   

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