Grace Ekirapa shares her pregnancy journey and scares

TV personality Grace Ekirapa has held a thanksgiving party for a baby that she is expecting. 

Unlike other parents-to-be who hold baby showers and invite-only ladies to attend, Grace said theirs was a special journey that needed them to give thanks.

In the event, her husband Pascal Tokodi opened up on losing their first child. 

“This is our second child, we lost our first child around June. It was hard…but we are here again and we thank God,” he said. 

On her second pregnancy, Grace said it has made her emotional. 

She added that she has been a bit scared in the pregnancy journey. 

“To be honest, when we found out we were pregnant again I was so scared. I think I am until now. Every time I have a muscle pull I cry like crazy…every time I can’t wake up because the baby is still on a nerve…I feel like I am losing again,” Grace said. 

The mother-to-be said her hubby Pascal Tokodi has been supportive and has had to lift up her legs several times.

Grace added that it is fear of her first experience that made her keep the pregnancy a secret for long. 

“I remember I hosted somebody on the show and he came….he did not even know me. He was a prophet from Uganda…he was prophesying…he looked at me and said ‘i see a boy’. I told him to stop it…I panicked because it was on the air. I did not want people to know until we can’t hide it anymore. I was if people find out and we lose again,” she said.    BY MPASHO NEWS   

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