PSG: Mauricio Pochettino’s big decision for his future

While all of Paris wants to see him leave the club, the Argentine coach does not see things that way…

Like many of his predecessors, Mauricio Pochettino is at the heart of criticism on the side of Paris. Long before the elimination against Real Madrid and despite the substantial lead in the league, Paris Saint-Germain supporters pointed to a non-existent background, depending too much on the flashes of genius of the individuals of the team, Kylian Mbappé in head of list.

And inevitably, this elimination in the Champions League greatly weakens the position of the former Spurs, who so far had the results as the main argument in his favor. The Parisian general staff wants to do a lot of cleaning internally, and on Foot Transfer marketwe have revealed to you on several occasions that Qatar’s plans include a Zidane-Wenger duo at the head of the club, the first as coach, the second as sporting director.

He wants to stay

But according to theTeam, the Argentine coach has no intention of leaving. His decision is made: he wants to go through with his contract, which expires in 2023. Of course, the plans of the club’s management do not seem to be in line with the wishes of the former defender, and even if there is very small possibilities that he remains, everything indicates that he will be relieved of his duties sooner or later.

Still, even in the case of a dismissal, the Argentinian should have no trouble bouncing back. In England and Spain, his rating remains intact, and big clubs, like Manchester United, could well offer him their sidelines. See you at the end of the season, but the toxic love story between Paris and Pochettino should come to an end. To the dismay of the principal concerned…

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