Ruto knows Raila is 5th president

Jubilee Party secretary-general Jeremiah Kioni has continued to drum up support for ODM leader Raila Odinga in his bid for presidency under Azimio La Umoja Movement.

Speaking on Saturday during an Azimio la Umoja meeting in Laikipia county, Kioni said Deputy President William Ruto has already sensed a defeat in the forthcoming August 9, polls.

“Na hii ndio maana mnaona makasiriko ya William kwa sababu he already knows that yeye anatengeneza opposition. Na ndio matusi ameweka kwa hali ya juu kwa sababu ameona hii kitu imekwisha,” Kioni said.

Loosely translates to: “And that is why Ruto is bitter because he already knows that he is forming the opposition. That is why he and his team have turned abusive because they know this race is a done thing”.

He added that Raila only needs about 10 per cent of the Mt Kenya votes to win the August 9, presidential election.

“Ukichukua kura za Mt Kenya, uchukie 10 per cent of the votes ambayo already amepata na uongezee kwake, ameingia ikulu.”

Loosely translates to: “If You take 10 per cent of the Mt Kenya votes, which he already has, and add to his votes, he has won the presidency”.

Ndaragwa MP also urged the locals to be careful with their voting pattern this time not to replicate what was witnessed during the 2007 elections where former president Mwai Kibaki could not get enough members of parliament.

The MP also asked the locals to ensure that they are part of the next government and not the opposition side.

This comes as Infotrak’s latest opinion poll said that Raila is the most preferred presidential candidate in Mombasa

The survey conducted between 9-12 March showed the ODM leader maintaining the lead in the Coastal city that has backed his presidential bids in the last three contests.

The study said 52 per cent of registered voters in the county would pick Raila for the presidency.

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