‘Unirinde ‘Mad Max Asks For Gods Safeguarding In His New Song

Mad Max music river seems to overflow when one thinks that it’s drying up backed by his talent springs it seems that his fans will be in for an Undeniable long music treat as seen in his new gospel song Unirinde for protect me almighty father.

Mad max this march has dropped over five songs with all of them being soul nourishing gospel songs which have been drawing thousands of views to his YouTube channel which recently Cris crossed the one thousand subscribers mark.

Yesu Unirinde is an open prayer and a summon from madmax to his creator never to abandon him but always stick by him ,shield and , insure him from all the problems and traps that are always set by the devil who is always up to no good as he targets everyone including family units and fellow christians at large performed over an infectious and easy to vibe to reggae jam .

You Can Also Check Out Mad Max Ngala Sons which are out on all the digital streaming platforms here.


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