KOT defend Diamond Platnumz broken English

A section of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have defended Tanzanian bongo flava artist Diamond Platnumz after he trended due to his grammatical errors while communicating in English.

Diamond, born Naseeb Juma, who is currently featuring on a reality show on Netflix dubbed Young, Famous and African, while answering a question on how old he is, responded by saying, “I’m 31st”.

This caused an online stir with a number creating memes and joking about the 31st year old answer.

However, some KOT have come to his rescue and said he should not be blamed because English is not his first language while rallying him to speak in Kiswahili.

Why are you mocking Diamond for not having proper English but he’s fluent in Kiswahili?

Okay tell JAY Z to speak in fluent Swahili then

— drey (@Dreymwangi) March 19, 2022

13 years ago Diamond was in Tandale a slum in Dar, today he is on the biggest streaming platform in the world and the only thing you can criticize is his lack of command of a colonial language. Okay, the colonizers didn’t do a good job in Tanzania in forcing out Swahili, move on!

— Nyanje wa Nyanje (@nyanjewanyanje) March 19, 2022

Diamond Platinumz should have just spoken swahili and let them struggle with translation. After all, He is Rich, Young and African!

— BRAVIN YURI (@BravinYuri) March 19, 2022

Africans must impeccably speak the language of their colonial masters.We must worship what they taught us.Reason making Swahili grammatical errors is normal to Kenyans and not funny.We have no regard for our own but worship anything foreign

— Lurnaite (@Lurnaite) March 20, 2022

What do you think forces Africans to speak in English?

You interview, a Russian, they respond on Russian, a German the same.

Why didn’t Diamond respond in Swahili?

— The Lagaless (@Lagaless) March 19, 2022


Fellow netizens, you’re criticizing Diamond for saying,

“he’s 31st years old”

forgetting english is not a measure of intelligence.

Then tell Jay-Z to speak fluent Swahili.

The guy is making $ dollars out there,

that’s what matters. #Netflix

— Detective Robin (@DetectiveRobin1) March 19, 2022

East Africans who can’t speak Kiswahili or keep a conversation in pure Kiswahili going for ten minutes are laughing like baboons at a global music superstar, Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania for his English errors.

Huwesi sugumsa Kiswaheri rakini unasheka kama nyani kuhusu Igris.

— Dr. John Njenga Karugia PhD. (@johnnjenga) March 20, 2022

He should just speak swahili.He is big Netflix should be the one to struggle with translation

— YOGO (@NyarOnyiro) March 19, 2022

Let’s give it to #diamondplatnumz his English is on Point considering in Tanzania, Swahili is their national language!

Zari did a good job teaching him English! @diamondplatnumz you did us proud! The show revolves around you! #Nadia #zari #2baba #khanyi

— Samwel Dollah (@SamwelDollah) March 19, 2022

English is not @diamondplatnumz first language.If he is struggling at #YoungFamousAfrican to use the language,I understand.Try learning a new language and you will be shocked.The guy’s Swahili is awesome.

— kishaofficialll (@kishaofficiall) March 19, 2022

I really hate to see how people are roasting @diamondplatnumz for how he speaks Englinsh in the #YoungFamousAndAfrican it is a reality series, and he is trying his level best. Englinsh is not his 1st nor 2nd language. Think the other way round, what if it was done in Swahili?

— Felix chepchos (@ChepchosFelix) March 19, 2022

@diamondplatnumz did really well, his English is great. I think when he said 31st it was an incomplete statement. He meant his 31st B’day.

He’s from Swahili nation, English is not his first language.

Stop the bullying. @Twitter


— NothingLiveNation (@KeNothing) March 20, 2022

In Tanzania, education at all levels is in Swahili. The average Tanzanian has a problem with English as they don’t grow up speaking it. @diamondplatnumz should not be rated against how much English he knows.

— 🙂✈ (@aVirtualVoyager) March 19, 2022

English is not our first language. We are Africans. Hence, highly likely to make grammatical errors. I doubt 1% of foreigners can even speak fluent Swahili, or Igbo.. or Xhosa. Yet nobody has ever ridiculed them for it.

We are doing our best. Cut @diamondplatnumz some slack!

— Dembe (@mish_kaki) March 19, 2022

The reality show is the first reality show from Africa and premiered with an A-list cast. These included Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan, currently based in South Africa. South African actress, TV host and singer Khanyi Mbau, Nigerian fashion designer Jeremiah Ogbodo, popularly known as Swanky Jerry, South African TV personality Andile Ncube, and Nigerian model, actress and presenter Annie Macaulay-Idibia.

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