KOT thirst over Obama’s daughters

Select Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) are salivating at former United States of America (USA) President Barrack Obama’s daughters.

These people, most of whim are men, have, albeit tongue in cheek, declared their undying love for the two ladies, Natasha Marian aka Sasha and Malia Ann detailing how they have been waiting for them to be ‘ripe’.

The desperate men posted their feelings to the ladies after they were photographed unaware in what looked like gym outfits.

Married to Michelle, Obama is son of former Kenyan politician Barack Obama senior.

Sasha Obama the girl I have been waiting to get to 20 yrs is now Ripe. I will send Kisii council of elders to talk to my dad in law The #Obama girls. No outrageous scandals. Just being young and beautiful 🇺🇲🇺🇲

— Eng Mokogoti (@eng_mokogoti) March 19, 2022

Black women have super powers

— DeFi WALLSTREET 💵💴💷💶🏦 (@MichaelPneazy) March 19, 2022

all i’m saying is…. them camera men KNEW not to try and take a pic from behind them girls.

— Najay King (@najayking) March 19, 2022

Oyaa @georgediano hiyo risasi yako moja imebaki rusha hapa. Uneza wahi double chance kama Mzee Yakubu.

— Machira (@machirabreton) March 19, 2022

Pix of them smiling are priceless. It’s been dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t for so long that it’s nice see them going viral with no judgements, ya know? They look great and I’m here for it. Black beauties blossoming into beautiful black women.

— Jay ChiLLx (Chillz) 😎 (@IceColdChiLLz) March 19, 2022


— A-Clipse BLR. (@iAmAClipse) March 19, 2022

The luo hips and shape coming. We will know the girl when she’s grown. See now.

— Mr McCall (@MrMcCall7) March 19, 2022

Sasha got thick over night ??

— HUBERT (@Hubertcruz9) March 19, 2022

Dam they grew up to be such beautiful young ladies

— Pinky152 (@152_pinky) March 18, 2022

A thirst nigga about to say how that phone is lucky than him😂😂😂

— Pius (@pius_gatua) March 19, 2022

The phone is having a good time than me😂😂

— Mwangi🇰🇪 (@_mkuu_dennyqsM) March 19, 2022

Unanamba zao

— Dr Momo👳 (@Mahrajr1) March 19, 2022

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