Netflix Young, Famous and African: Best and Funniest Reactions

Netflix Young Famous African

Netflix finally premiered Young, Famous & African – a new seven-episode reality tv show that revolves around a group of successful African celebrities who are mostly based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The group includes playboy Diamond Platnumz, the actress Annie Macaulay-Idibia and her husband Innocent ‘2Baba’ Idibia’s wife, entrepreneur Zari(Diamond’s ex-wife), Quinton Masina popularly known as Naked DJ and his girlfriend Quinton Masina Kayleigh Schwark, rapper Nadia Nakai, Nigerian stylist Swanky Jerry, sports presenter Andile Ncube, and South African businesswoman, actress and media personality Khanyi Mbau.

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Young, Famous & African is popular and is trending number one in Kenya after its release on Friday last week. The show has elicited reactions from netizens not only in Kenya but across the continent.

Here are some of the best and funniest. Spoilers ahead.

Annie: “I have been in hundreds of shows but people still refer me to 2 baba’s wife?

I am Annie Macaulay and everyone will know my name”

Also Annie every two business seconds: “My husband”#YoungFamousAndAfrican

— Mother Of Passports (@justrioba) March 19, 2022

Annie is pathetic im sorry. Small argument “thats why you dont have a man”. Sad to say but she is the most typical Nigerian woman ever 😭

— Ozzy (@ozzyetomi) March 18, 2022

Not Annie Idibia saying “this is wrong” because Diamond Platnumz said he has 4 kids he knows about. Girl please look inwards 😂😂😂 #YoungFamousAfrican

— chi chi chilolo (@anxta_) March 18, 2022

I want to speak of the makeup in Young, Famous and African but I’m not ready for the backlash 💀😬

— Rugilandavyi Barabona  🇹🇿 🇧🇮 (@rugilandavyi) March 20, 2022

Funny thing is , if Annie Macaulay never mentioned who her husband is, most of us in the East & south would have never known who she was married to.#YoungFamousAndAfrican

— Mother Of Passports (@justrioba) March 20, 2022

To be honest, I didn’t even know 2Face had a wife. This was my first time even seeing Annie. When she said people know her wherever she goes, I was like damnnn.. I must be living in a jungle Ma. This show is what introduced me to her.

— #Daniel Kaluuya’s Wife 🇺🇬🇩🇪🇸🇱 (@RMKabejja) March 20, 2022

10 mins of guaranteed time not spent impregnating someone else.

— Tobi (@TheTobiSmith) March 19, 2022

Zari : *Breaths*

The girlies: “omg Zari you are so dramatic. Ever since you arrived it’s been chaos. You are trying to split the group”#YoungFamousAndAfrican

— Mother Of Passports (@justrioba) March 19, 2022

Seesters, stress ages you. You out here looking older than the mofo who’s 10 yrs older than you cos you crying every 2.5 minutes & your spirit is crushed 😫 please love yourselves first. Don’t set yourself on fire to keep a ninja warm, it ain’t worth it.

— Corbyn was right. Again. ✊🏽 (@mariamaria05) March 20, 2022

Now that I’m done with gardening for the day, let me go and take Panadol for Annie Idibia’s headache 🥺

— Abundant ☀️ (@maumauzdaughter) March 19, 2022

Naked saying they chose the biggest ho to officiate the wedding like the groom isn’t the ho pro max.#youngfamousAfrican

— Mother Of Passports (@justrioba) March 20, 2022

“How do you make the same mistake twice? My first child is his 5th child”- Annie Idibia breaks down in tears as she speaks to casts of Young, Famous and African about how embarrassing it is that her husband has 5 kids with two other women.

🔄 #Annieidibia • Daniel Regha • ASUU

— SamzyPR𓃵 (@IamSamzyPR) March 20, 2022

Naked saying they chose the biggest ho to officiate the wedding like the groom isn’t the ho pro max.#youngfamousAfrican

— Mother Of Passports (@justrioba) March 20, 2022

I been watching this series on Netflix called “Young, Famous, & African” and baby it’s messy! And the fashion is crazy! I love it! They in Johannesburg living lavish! Can we blow this show up for the culture?? #YoungFamousAfrican #YoungFamousAndAfrican

— Akilah (@aaakilahhh) March 21, 2022

By the time Swanky finishes dressing on this show will there be any accessories left in Sub Saharan Africa?

— Jola (@Jollz) March 19, 2022

I want to watch Young, Famous and African so I can see Diamond completely destroy the Queen’s language 😂

— Daughter of Muthoni (@MuthoniMaryanne) March 18, 2022

Young, Famous and African is fucking funny and Annie Idibia is carrying it like Atlas

— Existential Crisis Actor (@TMTisClutch) March 18, 2022

Khanyi, Nadia and Annie. True to their brand. Authentic. What’s a luxury show without Khanyi. She owns her story. So did Annie. Nadia is good vibes.

— Mercy (@MukabaC) March 19, 2022

In their words, strong means you take any BS thrown at you. You suffer in silence and hold it down while their hoeing around and still have a family to come back to at the end of the day. Back to sender with that “strong woman” narrative. #YoungRichandAfrican

— Henjoymenttt (@Ghanaian_Queen) March 21, 2022

Nadia kept a straight face and I respect her for it 😂😂

— Mother Of Passports (@justrioba) March 18, 2022

Side bar: I think it’s SUPER cool how similar Eastern and Southern African Bantu languages are to each other.

I can easily pick up that “uMuntu wakho” in isiZulu is also “mtu wako” (your person) in Swahili. Love it! #YoungFamousAndAfrican

— 𝓐. (@c0cosays) March 20, 2022

Annie Idibia went out sad. You told us this show was about you leaving 2Baba shadow and then proceeded to make everything about 2Baba. There was no Annie, whoever that person is. Everything was centered around this man who violated your marriage. #YoungFamousAndAfrican

— Lecia 🇸🇱 (@Lestiina) March 19, 2022

Annie Idibia and Khloe Kardashian, same WhatsApp group. If you willingly settle down with a man whose penis is community dick, stop seeking sympathy and lie in that bed you’ve made for yourself.

— Naomi (@Naominagatta) March 18, 2022

Annie is stupid in love

Nadia is unnecessary

Kayleigh is Honest and fair

Khanyi is failing to accept that Zari’s Crown is bigger than hers. And she think she’s the group leader.

Zari’s is indeed the Boss Lady,confident and super intimidating.#YoungFamousAndAfrican

— Mmathabo (@Mmathabo_M) March 20, 2022

All I’m saying is, Zari Hassan is the IT GIRL . She steps into a room and without even making an effort, she’s already taken over. If you’re someone that easily gets intimidated, you’ll have a problem with how she carries herself.#YoungFamousAfrican#YoungFamousAndAfrican

— Joan Owuor (@ItsJoanOwuor) March 18, 2022

Annie would have taken a different decision after his cheating streak if he wasn’t a successful musician but we will touch this part later.

— YH (@Yemihazan) March 20, 2022

Zari better than me. Anytime Annie would have opened her mouth i would have dragged her marriage to hell. Lmaoooo

— pimpingnotsimping💔 (@SandraMechaa) March 20, 2022


But who’s Khanyi’s hairstylist 😭

— Sukari Nguru (@missnguru) March 20, 2022

Bobrisky should be on the next season of young, rich and african

— Social Experiment (@MediaMK) March 20, 2022

2face was 24 when he started dating 15 year old Annie.

Grooming sucks.

— Dami (@onosowobo) March 19, 2022

Uyo Annie Adibia ni mitishamba ameshikiwa

— Gin Haiko🤯 (@mburuBenso) March 20, 2022

They should have included Bobrisky in Young,Famous&African.

— Victor Muchiri (@vikmuchiri) March 19, 2022

Zari making all the women mad like the Bad Bitch she is😂😂😂

— pimpingnotsimping💔 (@SandraMechaa) March 20, 2022

If you want more reactions head to Muthoni Maingi’s Insta Stories for her hilarious review.

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