Uhuru can’t plan for us who to be the president

Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga has told President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop imposing Raila Odinga on Kenyans.

The MP has asked the Head of State to remain neutral and give Kenyans a chance to choose who will succeed him in the August 9, polls.

“Kenya Kwanza has asked Uhuru Kenyatta to leave Raila Odinga for us. We want to show them that we will lead the nation after August polls,” Mwambu said.

Speaking at the Lwanja area, West Bukusu ward in Bumula constituency on Monday, Mwambu said he is certain deputy president William Ruto will beat Raila.

“I want to clearly tell Raila that Ruto will beat him hands down. Let him stop attacking Ruto on every occasion. Please ask Raila to come and tell us what he will do for Kenyans if elected the president,” he said.

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