Uhuru wants to be prime minister in Raila’s government

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria now claims that President Uhuru Kenyatta wants to be Prime Minister in ODM leader Raila Odinga’s government.

In a statement on Monday, Kuria insisted that the President is planning not to retire.

He, however, warned they will not allow that to happen.

“The truth which even him knows is that he wants a third term- This time as a Prime Minister in Baba’s government. This is unpalatable and unacceptable to us the sons and daughters of Kikuyu peasants. We shall resist!” he said on Facebook.

This is the latest of the legislator’s many attacks on President Uhuru.

The two who were once friends have found themselves supporting opposing camps, with Uhuru backing Raila to succeed him while Kuria is supporting Deputy President William Ruto.

On Friday, March 18, Kuria warned the President saying that he risked being cursed for supporting the former Prime Minister for the presidency.

Speaking in Kiambu while accompanying DP Ruto for a series of rallies in the area, Kuria said the president will be cursed for defying an oath taken by the community.

According to Kuria, President Uhuru’s father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, and a group of Mt Kenya elders, led the oath.

Kuria added that Mzee Kenyatta was clear to the Mt Kenya region on which political direction they should not take.

The MP added that for Uhuru to defy his father, he had invited a curse.

“Uhuru is going against his father’s wish by supporting Raila Odinga and he knows what Kenyatta said. We even took an oath never to support Raila for the presidency and that is why we are backing Ruto,” he said.

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