Was Bobi Wine’s son framed for drugs at High School?

Was Bobi Wine’s High School going son found in possession of drugs at school or was he framed?

Either way, this and another incident that occurred at St. Mary’s Kisubi College in Kampala, an institution commonly referred to as SMACK, has led to the popular Ugandan politician and musician claiming the school’s administration is targeting his son.

The incident with drugs reportedly occurred in 2021, and according to Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi, his son informed him that someone had planted the drugs under his bed.

“We (Bobi Wine and the headteacher) had agreed everything remains there without anything leaking out and that’s why I never said anything to the public even when I have plenty of access to the media as you all know. Since it’s the head teacher who recently spoke to the media, let me also make my case,” said Bobi Wine, during a speech at a parents meeting which was captured on amateur video.

Bobi Wine, who contested against Yoweri Museveni for the country’s presidency, adds that Br Deodati Aliganyira, the school’s headmaster was the mastermind in framing his son’s suspension that captured national imagination.

SMACK, a partially government-aided school on February 1 slapped Sekayi, a teenager with a two-week suspension for acting contrary to the school’s policy on ‘zero-tolerance for indiscipline.’

Nevertheless, the matter was solved between his parents and the head teacher, complete with a gentleman’s agreement that the matter should remain private.

But it was soon all over the media. In another incident, Bobi Wine, also a pop star singer, says his son was denied a chance to become a student leader because the headmaster termed his son as an average student.

“That young man had been reporting to me a pattern of segregation and targeting on him. When all these issues came up, the head teacher told me that for a child to be a leader in this school, he must be an A-student and not an average student like my son,” Bobi said.

Angered by the move to bar his son, Bobi Wine unleashed more revelations pertaining the school allegedly saying that Br Aliganyira told him that students that were overly popular were not allowed to run for office in the school.

However, a couple of people shared their views on Twitter regarding incidences surrounding Bobi’s son and this is what they had to say;

Bobi took on a bully. The SMACK HM was bullying @HEBobiwine & his son at the Same time. How do you tell a parent who pays fees & cares About the education of his child not to attend PTA meetings? If Bobi was an NRM polician he would have been treated different. Partisan schools!

— I am Unstoppable (@BrianAtuheire) March 20, 2022

Would I do what @HEBobiwine did for son? Standing up against bullying, oppression and witch-hunt? Yes I would most definitely. It is the most natural thing to do. Told you the Revolution is live in your TV.

— Bamweyana Omulalu (@BamweyanaMulalu) March 20, 2022

In 2009 the then Headteacher of St. Edward Bukuumi Bro Deo. Aliganyira was suspended by the Board of governors over sodomy related charges against students.

It’s the same man tormenting @HEBobiwine‘s son at St. Mary’s Kisubi.

Now you know the kind of man we are dealing with.

— Kayabula Lukyamuzi Edd (@KayabulaE) March 20, 2022

Why does Bobi Wine expect his son Solomon to be treated special at SMACK. If discipline failed to begin at home, let it begin at father like son anyway🙌

— Ankunda Barbra Kakama (@Ankunda_Barbie) March 20, 2022

Being an opposition father to the ruling government doesn’t give any school H/M authority to disgrace your child and family . Like the SMACK H/M did to bobi wine’s son Solomon. Every caring,resposible, wise father will do what @HEBobiwine did

— SIR.LEARNZ🇨🇦🇺🇬🇿🇦🇹🇿 (@HaruzLearnz) March 20, 2022

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