The three Kenyan buildings on the list of top 10 tallest buildings in Africa


The three Kenyan buildings on the list of top 10 tallest buildings in Africa

Africa Business and Travel Guide has listed Africa’s tallest buildings in 2022. In their top ten list is Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Ethiopia and South Africa.

Kenya’s three buildings on the list are located in the city’s Upper Hill area and at the intersection of Waiyaki and Chiromo lane.

Below is the hierarchy.

10. Necom House in Lagos, Nigeria

The 32 storey commercial building has a height of 160meters. Completed in 1979, the skyscraper has a communications spire at the top of the tower which serves as a lighthouse beacon for Lagos Harbour.

9. Tanzania’s Ports Authority Headquarters in Dar es Salaam

The 162 meters tall building is a parastatal public corporation acting under the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

8. UAP tower in Nairobi, Kenya

The tower located in Upperhill Nairobi is a 33 storey office complex. Completed in 2016, the building is 163 meters surpassing Times Tower which had held the record for 15 years.

7. Ponte Apartments in South Africa

The apartment is the first cylindrical skyscraper in Africa. The 55 storey building is cylindrical with an open centre that allows additional light into the apartment.

6. The Global Trade Center (GTC) office Tower in Nairobi Kenya

The 184-meter building was completed in 2021. The 43 storey GTC tower houses a lot of business enterprises.

5. Britam Tower in Nairobi, Kenya

The skyscraper has a maximum height of 195 meters above ground and has 32 usable floors with a unique prism shape and was opened in 2017. Britam tower can host up to 1000 cars.

4. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) tower, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

CBE is the tallest building in East Africa and is located in the country’s capital city. CBE has 53 floors and has a height of 209 meters. The building covers an area of 165,476.4 square meters and also houses business enterprises.

3. Carlton Center in Johannesburg, South Africa

The 223-meter skyscraper was completed in 1973. The building houses various business entities.

2. The Leonardo, Sandton, South Africa

The 55-floor building rises to a height of 234 meters. Completed in 2019, the building has 200 apartments and 11 floors of commercial office space.

1. The Iconic Tower, Egypt

The skyscraper is 385meters tall and has 77 floors. This tallest building in Africa was opened in January 2022 and is located in the New Administrative Capital of the country.

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