Boda boda rider spotted with fuel tank speaks

Sindanyi said the fuel scarcity had affected his business to a point that putting food on the table was becoming harder by the day.

“If there is no fuel, I’m not going back to the house because my children will scream at me,” he stated.

Petrol stations across the country are experiencing long queues amid blame games between the state and oil marketers.

The president blamed the shortage on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war but the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) blamed the  shortage on hoarding by marketers.

EPRA said the oil marketers are owed Sh13 billion arrears.

Meanwhile, Kenya Pipeline Company confirmed last Saturday that it has sufficient fuel stock in its depots across the country.

The company said it has 69 million litres of super petrol, more than 94 million litres of diesel and and more than 13 million litres of kerosene. 

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