Two officers who frogmarched their senior in Kasarani dismissed from police service


Two officers who frogmarched their senior in Kasarani dismissed from police service

Two junior police officers attached to the Kenya Police Service have been sacked over allegations of bullying and mistreating their senior according to rank in public.

Nairobi News has established that the two officers identified as Mr Marwa Matiko and Mr Charles Maina all attached to Kasarani police station mistreated Jackson Owino a senior officer attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and attached at Kayole police station.

According to a police report, Mr Owino had taken his official car for washing at Seasons Area when he noticed a lady identified as Elizabeth Wangari smoking at the bar.

Mr Owino went ahead to caution Wangari to stop smoking at the bar since it was inappropriate but Wangari did not take it politely.

“He went ahead and cautioned her to stop doing it since it was inappropriate. A confrontation erupted between the two and Ms Wangari walked out of the bar hurling threats to the senior police officer that he ought to know people,” a police report filed at Kasarani Police station on Saturday, March, 26, read in part.

In CCTV footage making rounds on social media, the two officers are seen bullying their senior before they frogged matched him out of the bar despite concerns by those who witnessed what was taking place.


It has emerged that the two police officers who were harassing their senior accused Mr Owino of threatening Ms Wangari by wielding a pistol inside the bar.

In the video, Matiko is even captured placing a pistol on the chest of the officer threatening to shoot him.

They then disarmed the senior officer who was seen humbly pleading with them to stop the drama since the public was witnessing.

Mr Owino was then handcuffed and pushed out of the bar in ugly scenes captured in the CCTV footage.

Another civilian identified as Mr Zachary Mwambi who also tried to calm the situation was also arrested in the process.

However, at the station, one officer identified as Mr David Ekeno intervened and Mr Owino was released from custody and instead Mr Matiko was put into custody.

In an emotional appeal after being handed his dismissal letter, Matiko says that he was being kicked out of the service yet he was doing his duties as required by law.

“I am being victimized yet I was conducting my duties as stipulated by the law,” Mr Matiko said.

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