Why I’m playing the role of opposition

Deputy President William Ruto on Monday explained why he has been forced to play the role of the opposition.

According to Ruto, it is a responsibility that should be carried by someone else, but he has to do it because he has the interests of Kenya at heart.

“This is somebody else’s responsibility but we are forced to do it because we have the interests of the nation at heart and we want the right thing to happen in Kenya. We would have chosen to keep quiet, but the crisis in Kenya cannot allow us to keep quiet,” he said during a press conference at his Karen residence.

“The responsibility we are discharging here is because we believe in the citizenship of our republic.”

The second in command accused the opposition of abandoning their duty because of greed, and joined the government and have gone ahead to become cartels.

He insisted that this made it possible for Kenyans not to be able to hold the government accountable.

“You know that what was government is now like the opposition and what was the opposition is now behaving like government. There is confusion among Kenyans and lack of accountability because there are no more clear lines between the people in the opposition and the people in government,” Ruto said.

“Greedy people who were supposed to be discharging their responsibilities on the other side of government decide to come and become cartels and barons in government.”

In his statement on the current fuel crisis in the country, DP Ruto blamed it on state capture, saying that cartels and incompetent public officials have colluded to steal from Kenyans.

He said that Kenyans are now waiting for action from the National Treasury, Agriculture and Petroleum ministries.

Ruto insisted that silence from the concerned ministries as the situation worsens is a matter of concern.

“The casual and insensitive attitude to the plight of tens of millions of struggling Kenyans is a disturbing development that has emboldened cartels that have taken over critical economic sectors,” Ruto said.

“Where is the Sh39 billion petroleum development Levy fuel Fund meant for fuel subsidy program as this crisis deepens?”

He added that the government officials should not blame the Russia-Ukraine crisis for the current shortage of fuel.

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