Comedian Consumator Ok with becoming a caretaker


Comedian Consumator Ok with becoming a caretaker

Comedian Peter Wamwea alias Consumator now says that he is okay working as a caretaker as long as he can make money to help his ailing father.

He said thanks to his humble upbringing he understands that life sometimes can take an unfortunate turn but the important thing is to make sure you take the necessary steps to make a living.

“Guys I have no problem being a caretaker. I do it with happiness and a smile. I have no problem at all doing vibarua kwa shamba. Anything that would help me raise whatever money for my dad’s illness I will do it with stride and gratitude. I have been raised in the village with a lot of struggles and I understand things do happen. This story is about those small painful steps we require to take sometimes to make ends meet. Even when we are at our rock bottom we must do all it takes to survive,” comedian Consumator said.

His fans expressed remorse.

“Ulienda wapi haki? We gotchu bro❤️,leta pay bill,, kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba,” wrote @mcjacci.

“Btw I have been asking ulienda wapi? I used to love your comedy..leta contents YouTube..just subscribed! Recovery to dad,” said @bettywambui87.

“May God reach you and locate u… Ask and you wll be given. Knock ans it will be open. God hear our cry oooh Lord. Have mercy on him,” said @moureenbreshy.

“Personally bro you are my role model, I didn’t know you going through this, despite all we will become glorious to the end,” said @babba_lovee.

In an interview with a local newspaper, Consumator confessed that he has been going through hard times financially ever since his father fell ill.

He claims that he now has to do odd jobs to survive.

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