Education Sector takes lion’s share in Kenya’s 2022/23 Budget

The Education Sector is the biggest beneficiary in Kenya’s 2022/23 budget, gobbling a whopping KSh 544.4 Billion.

This allocation is followed by that of County Governments (KSh 407.0 Billion), Infrastructural Development (KSh 368.5 Billion) National Security (KSh 317.9 Billion), Environmental protection, Water and Natural Resources (KSh 110.9 Billion), Women, Youth Empowerment, Equity and Poverty Eradication (KSh 69 Billion), Health (KSh 62.3 Billion), KSh 27.7 Billion(Housing), KSh 20.6 Billion (Economic Stimulus Programme), ICT (KSh 15.6 Billion) and Manufacturing (KSh 10.1 Billion)

In the education sector, its allocation is broken down thus:-

-KSh 12.0 billion will cater for Free Primary Education;

-KSh 2.5 billion for recruitment of teachers;

-KSh 64.4 billion for Free Day Secondary Education including insurance under NHIF for secondary school students;

-KSh 5.0 billion for examinations fee waiver for grade six, class eight and form four candidates.

-KSh 1.96 billion for the School Feeding Programme.

-KSh 1.2 billion for training of teachers on 69 Competency Based Curriculum

-KSh 310.0 million for the Digital Literacy Programme and ICT Integration in our Secondary Schools.

-KSh 4.0 billion has been set aside for the construction of classrooms; to support school infrastructure development and ensure safe learning in schools.

-KSh 2.8 billion for Primary and Secondary schools’ infrastructure

 -KSh 1.8 billion for construction and equipping of Technical Training Institutes and Vocational Training Centres.

-KSh 1.1 billion has been set aside to increase access and improve the quality of Technical and Vocational Education and Training programs under the East Africa Skills Transformation and Regional Integration Project. 70 130.

-KSh 294.7 billion to Teachers Service Commission;

-KSh 91.2 billion for University Education;

-KSh 15.8 billion to the Higher Education Loans Board;

-KSh 6.8 billion for Kenya Secondary Education Quality Improvement Project;

-KSh 5.2 billion capitation for TVET students.

-KSh 527.0 million has been set aside for Technical, Vocational Education Training and Entrepreneurship;

-KSh 971.0 million for promotion of Youth Employment and Vocational Training;

-KSh 323.0 million for the National Research Fund.

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