Kenyan woman stabbed in Saudi Arabia while in the ICU


A Kenyan woman was early last month stabbed to death while receiving treatment at a hospital-based in Saudi Arabia while in the ICU.
The family was informed that the 22-year-old was in a critical condition, but their requests to have her sent home for further treatment fell on deaf ears.
Ms Kazungu hails from Malindi in Kilifi County and had secured a job as a house help in the country based in the Asian continent.
Ms Dzendere Randu, the mother of the deceased, said that she had never imagined her daughter dying miles away from her.
“All I now want is the body of my daughter brought back home so that I can give her a decent send-off,” Ms Randu said.
Mr Owen Kazungu, brother to the deceased said that he realized something was amiss when his sister neither responded to calls nor answered messages.
“I even reached out to some friends she had introduced me to but no one knew what was happening and why she was that silent,” he said.
The deceased did not have a chance of joining secondary school due to a lack of school fees and this forced her to start working as a house help.

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