KOT react to sim-card registration deadline

Kenyans are not happy with Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Director-General Ezra Chiloba. 

This is after he issued a directive warning Kenyans with unregistered SIM cards to register or else face penalties.

Those who will not register their SIM cards by April 15 deadline will be fined up to Sh300,000 or serve a jail term of six months or both.

According to the CA, SIM card registration is aimed at combating cybercrime and fraud in the digital space.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) had a lot to say about this with a majority of them being against the directive.

@CisNyakundi – Chiloba, The only threats Kenyans take seriously are 2. Battery low & data is below 2MB. We Kenyans urinate in places written usikojoe hapa. Enter toilets written STAFF ONLY. Pull doors written PUSH. Enter gates written MBWA kali. Take selfies in areas written NO photography

@Evanolangat2 – Sasa Ezra chiloba ako na shida gani? During voter registration, they took my photo. During huduma Number registration, they took my photo. During Sim card registration, they took my ID’s photo…. Both sides. This is null and void

@Original_Kenyan – How old is Chiloba in that office? So the guy wants us to feel him at a time when we’re feeling severe economic challenges. I belong to the group that’s waiting for the sim card to be locked so that I can know he’s serious

@zethkipsigei – Ezra Chiloba is treating Kenyans like toddlers. Threatening Us that we face fine of upto 300K or jail term if we don’t register sim cards,is Null and Void punitive. Which law is he applying?Just like Huduma No & other schemes from gvnt,the white elephant projects shall fail. Havi

There has been a push and pull between the Authority and telecommunications service providers over sim-card registration since 2015 who have sought an extension of the deadline for the sim-card registration on numerous occasions.

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