Sean Preezy talks about dating Shaq the Yungin’s girlfriend


Sean Preezy talks about dating Shaq the Yungin’s girlfriend

Radio presenter Sean Preezy has disclosed why he ‘stole’ his friend Shaq the Yungin’s girlfriend.

While responding to a fan who had asked him why he did that to his best friend, Sean justified with, “It just so happened that my heart fell for the woman my ex-friend used to be with. And we move on with life.”

The presenter also Claimed that Shaq was toxic. While speaking about the incident for the first time he wrote, “When you lose all respect for someone you once called your friend, there isn’t any room for negotiation. I lost respect for that person I used to be close with because of his decisions, actions and toxicity,”

The self-proclaimed Nairobi’s youngest sponsor, Shaq the Yungin born Shaquille Oneill in an interview confessed that he still loved his ex-girlfriend Cindy Kipsang.

“This is something that has been happening under my nose. My best friend and my girl. My friends used to tell me something was going on,” he revealed.

Feeling betrayed, Shaq says that he was hurt and is still hurt but he chose to block the two from his Instagram page.

Shaq also admits that working with Sean as a colleague is not as hard because he is very professional.

“I am not going to mess my bag over a heartbreak. We only talk when the microphone is on after it we don’t,” he said.

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