The arrogant reaction of José Mourinho after Roma’s new defeat against Bodø/Glimt

Last night, AS Roma lost 2-1 at Bodø/Glimt. Faced with the media, the Portuguese coach still cursed.

This time, AS Roma did not take six, but the Louve club once again lost on the ground of the Norwegians of Bodø / Glimt in the quarter-final first leg of the Europa League Conference. And while we had left him on a very witty interview, José Mourinho reminded all those who doubted that he was still a loser not really used to keeping a low profile after a defeat.

“We will play the second leg in front of our supporters. I have no problem saying that I feel favorite for the second leg and therefore favorite to qualify for the semi-finals, I have full confidence in my players, in the stadium which will be full of our supporters. Obviously we will play against a difficult team to face, I hope to have a good referee with good assistants”.

Mourinho plague

A small sentence clearly intended to put pressure on the referees who will officiate during the return match. “During the group stage match played at the Olimpico, there were two very clear penalties for us that the referee did not see, and tonight (yesterday) there were two offsides in first period on goal actions that were whistled when there was nothing. It proves the level (of the referees)”.

Finally, after taking care of the arbitration, the Special One attacked the synthetic ground of the Scandinavian formation. “But I’m really telling you that what worries me the most is Mancini’s injury: it’s worrying, on a plastic pitch. We know it’s another sport (on this kind of ground), it’s a dangerous situation for injuries, Mancini is an example of that. » Looking forward to the return match.

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