Grabbing Your Financial Freedom: It’s Never Been Easier to be a Trader

The ongoing pandemic has wreaked havoc with the global economy. As millions of people are still without employment, the stark reality is that having a traditional nine-to-five office job isn’t as secure as it once was. 

Fortunately, there is a way to earn additional income and secure your financial future – online trading. The global markets are no longer the sole realm of suit-wearing businessmen working for major firms. Whether you’re a housewife or an office worker, anyone can become an online trader provided you’re partnered with a regulated and licensed broker, such as CMTrading. 

From the importance of education to sharing valuable advice for first-time traders, Tope Ijibadejo, CMTrading Nigeria Region Manager, answers all your pressing questions and more. 

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How important is education today? 

“Education is the bedrock of success. Education is what helps you achieve any task or goal and make that task easier to accomplish. Without education, without knowledge, you don’t have the power to accomplish any task. You need the education to be successful at trading and in business.” 

How easy is it to be a trader? 

“It’s never been easier to become an online trader. Why? Because all the education and resources you need are readily available. Trading is a knowledge-based business, and you get knowledge from training. This education is almost knocking at your door because various brokers, such as CMTrading, are inviting you to their webinars, seminars, and training sessions at no cost. So it’s easy right now to get access to trading education.  

“Then there are also the resources such as technology. There are many ways people make money in this business. Either you’re doing it from a knowledge standpoint, meaning you’re trading for yourself, or you’re doing it through technology. We have technologies that assist people in making money from the market such as our social trading platform. It helps you to mirror the trades of more experienced traders to your trading account; When they profit, so do you. That’s one technology. There are also professional signals whereby our platform performs market analysis and provides you with real-time trading tips.” 

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Isn’t it safer to have a normal 9-to-5 job? 

“Having a single stream of income is extremely dangerous. A typical nine-to-five job is a single stream of income, so it’s not as safe as it used to be. It’s advisable to have additional streams such as online trading which can provide active and passive income.  

“Online trading is one business that is conducted over the Internet. It’s 24/5 business that you can do from anywhere and have the flexibility of trading on your time. You don’t need to be at a particular spot, such as an office. It’s a blessing for this generation that people can trade online. So having a nine to five job and trading is more beneficial because you can create an alternative stream of income for yourself.”  

Advice for anyone wanting to be a trader? 

“My advice for anyone who wants to be a trader is to make sure you gather knowledge, or you connect to the necessary technology, such as social trading. You must also ensure you are trading with a regulated broker such as CMTrading. Even if you have the knowledge even if you have technology that helps you make money if your broker is not regulated or untrustworthy you will have issues withdrawing your money.  

“It’s very important that while you pursue knowledge, while you pursue the right technologies, that you engage with the right broker. CMTrading is a broker that is regulated and licensed. Not only that, CMTrading has been in the business for 10 years and is an award-winning broker!”

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