Nairobi Woman Draws Sophisticated Gun in Row With Taxi Driver

  • A taxi driver was forced to scamper for safety after his female passenger drew a sophisticated pistol threatening to shoot him following a disagreement over fare.

    The 37-year-old passenger was headed to Kangemi from the uptown Loresho estate when she requested for the cab.

    On reaching her destination, a disagreement erupted over the amount she was supposed to pay the cab driver. The agitated woman stormed into her house and came back armed with a rare revolver pistol.

    A file image of a police officer holding a pistol

    A file image of a police officer holding a pistol


    The woman threatened to fire at the cab driver who then retreated and proceeded to the Spring Valley Police Station where he reported the incident.

    “On arrival at her residence, a disagreement arose overpayment for the ride. She entered her house and came out armed with a pistol threatening to shoot the cab driver,” a police report stated.

    The matter was then forwarded to Gigiri Police Station with the officers being deployed to the woman’s residence where they recovered the pistol.

    The woman was apprehended and taken to the Gigiri Police Station. According to National Police Service (NPS), she will be arraigned on Monday to face attempted murder charges.

    “She will be arraigned to face several criminal charges,” stated police.

    Following the incident, police have advised cab drivers and motorists to exercise caution while picking and dropping passengers to their destination.

    “We commend the cab driver for the prompt action he took that led to the recovery and arrest. Even as we strive to keep our streets safe, we also wish to advise members of the public to be wary of their personal safety as they go about their businesses,” NPS stated.

    Cases of cab drivers being attacked have been on the rise in recent times, with taxi operators asking for police protection from criminals masquerading as passengers.

    Taxis pictured on a street in Nairobi.

    Taxis pictured on a street in Nairobi.


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