Champions League: Bayern Munich takes a lot of money in Germany

Eliminated from the Champions League to everyone’s surprise by Villarreal, Bayern Munich can blame themselves. And in the aftermath of this unexpected rout, the Bavarian club takes a very expensive …

At the final whistle, the verdict is final. Bayern Munich was eliminated from the Champions League in the quarter-finals by little Thumb Villarreal (0-1, 1-1). A real failure for the winner of the 2020 edition, and which aimed at least the last four by Julian Nagelsmann’s own admission. The disappointment is terrible for the Bavarian ogre. He hadn’t expected such a scenario. Despite the disappointment of the first leg, confidence was essential before tackling this return. As a result, all of Bayern is expensive.

This confidence turned into arrogance according to the Yellow Submarine players, who did not hesitate to criticize the dominant position of the German giant. The press is also having a field day this morning. “Bayern play in a bizarre and above all uninspired way. Coach Julian Nagelsmann is responsible for this. The replacement of Alphonso Davies by Lucas Hernández (just before the Spanish goal) – although the Frenchman could not continue due to injury – should not be considered the smartest decision of his young career. ‘coach”drops the editorial of Sports1.

Too much risk taking

Bayern Munich was dominant and took time to unlock its counter and besides this change of Hernandez by Davies, it is the defensive system that is singled out. Very exposed last night in this 3-2-3-2, the Pavard-Upamecano-Hernandez trio did not concede much. ‘A single scoring chance was enough for defending Europa League winners Munich to knock Bayern out of the Champions League’regret Sky Sportsespecially accusing Nagelsmann of having taken too many risks.

Olivier Kahn does not hold it against his coach and prefers to emphasize the mentality of his players. “More commitment and more willpower than the team has shown is not really possible. There are nicer teams to play against. This defensive system… I don’t even know what kind of system they played in. We could have created and taken more risks. But we would have been countered at some point.” We will have to solve these collective problems with a title of German champion to seek and settle the Lewandowski case.

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