Interview with Founder-CEO of NFT Market Place Ari Swap

On the sidelines of the inaugural #CeloConnect conference in Barcelona, our team caught up with Alex Rodriguez, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ari Swap Corp. is a Decentralized Social Blockchain company with ARI NFT Marketplace at its core.

In the interview below, Alex talks about the mission to create prosperity for everyone and the future of the creator economy in the context of web3.

WATCH; Video; Interview With Rene Reinsberg, Co-Founder and President of CELO

Celo Connect

BitKE and Kenyan WallStreet were on location as media partners at the #CeloConnect conference in Barcelona, Spain, to talk with the CELO team as well as interact with the the global CELO community at the event.

What is Celo?

Celo is a blockchain ecosystem focused on increasing cryptocurrency adoption among smartphone users. By using phone numbers as public keys, Celo hopes to introduce the world’s billions of smartphone owners, including those without banking access, to transacting in cryptocurrency.

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