Sarah Kabu asks for forgiveness, prayers

Businesswoman Sarah Kabu has publicly asked her husband for forgiveness after days of a supposed public tiff on social media.

In a message on Instagram, Sarah suggested she lashed out at her husband on social media as she was in distress at the time.

She’s also reached out to her husband to iron out their differences and asked the public to pray for them.

“When I was in distress I said things I shouldn’t have. Life is a lesson and we learn every day. Forgive me Simon. Let’s sort our issues off-line. All is well. Please keep us in prayers,” she wrote on Instagram.

Sarah spent the past week accusing her husband of infidelity and taking away the kids without her permission.

She also revealed, in a recent interview, she was ‘tired’ of the marriage and had moved out of their matrimonial home.

“From January, my new year resolution was like I did not want it to be like the other years. I started discussing with him about a peaceful separation and co-parenting. I’d been telling him I am not comfortable in this marriage. I was tired of faking.”

Sarah and her husband Simon Kabu are not only a successful business couple with interests in the tourism industry, but have for long been considered role models for young couples.

The recent developments, and especially the apology has led to suggestions from a section of their fans that the couple might have been chasing clout.

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