KOT blasts Raila, praise Sonko over petty crime convict

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have questioned the decision by Azimio leader Raila Odinga to order for the unconditional release of a man jailed for shoplifting.

Odinga asked for the release of Alvin Chivondo who was found guilty of stealing 5kgs of rice, 5 litres of cooking oil, 2kgs of sugar, and other items valued Sh3,165 from Naivas Supermarket while arguing that other politicians who are suspected of committing greater economic crimes were walking around scot free.

Chivondo was given an alternative of a Sh100,000 fine in exchange for his freedom.

Incidentally, former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, who is battling a number of graft cases, announced he’d settled the fine in a move that warmed Kenyans hearts.

Sonko also promised to give the man a job and one-month stock.

Here’s what Kenyans have had to say.

It would have been legally prudent and helpful for Raila Odinga to have paid the fine of Kshs 100,000.00 on behalf of and settled the needy young man in a paying job instead of unjustly castigating the Magistrate who issued a lawful sentence or belittling the judicial process.

— Nelson Havi (@NelsonHavi) April 13, 2022

When others are ordering for the release of Alvin Linus Chivondo who shoplifted foodstuffs from Naivas supermarket because his kid slept hungry for 2 days, Hon Mike Sonko pays the fine of ksh 100,000. God bless @MikeSonko. Kusema na Kutenda.

— Kawangware Finest™️ (Moturi) 🇰🇪 (@cbs_ke) April 13, 2022

One thing you can’t take from Mike Sonko is his soft spot for Everyone; And btw, that is what made him win Nairobi’s gubernatorial race in 2017.

— KEVIN 🇰🇪 (@kevFult) April 13, 2022

WHAT POWERS, Raila Odinga? !! At least Mike Sonko has exercised real power and paid the KShs. 100,000.00 court fees! @MikeSonko @RailaOdinga

— David🦅Mutai📡 (@David1Mutai) April 13, 2022

Just Pay that fine and Let the lad be released immediately. You can also proceed and support his family. This is just one case that has received media attention. We have many others in jail probably over the same. It is what the jubilee government has pushed kenyans into.

— BRAVIN YURI (@BravinYuri) April 13, 2022

You can just pay that small fine and he will be out. The Courts have spoken

— Maraba (@Maraba68119801) April 13, 2022

Can’t agree with you more for once wakili @NelsonHavi. Casting the magistrate and justifying a release will mean Chaos for businesses in the country in the name of justifying poverty. How about that boy who’ll attack you in the name of stealing fro you to put food on the table?

— @AMokaya (@aloyce_mokaya) April 13, 2022

Instead of Tweeting Baba, why not pay his fine and he will be released immediately.

— Kisumba🇵🇸 (@Kisumba) April 13, 2022

Baba we know you are speaking from the heart but you would have just paid the 100K instead of bashing the criminal Justice system

— Gitonga Nyagah🇰🇪 (@tosh254_tosh) April 13, 2022

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