MU: the child is traumatized by the aggression of Cristiano Ronaldo

Last weekend, Cristiano Ronaldo stood out in a very sad way at the end of the defeat against Everton. The Portuguese had hit the phone of a young Toffees fan when he left the pitch. A video of the scene, which has since gone viral, is circulating on social networks. The mother of little Jake, as well as her son were very marked by this incident as she revealed to the Liverpool Echo :“I was crying, I was shaken, Jacob was in complete shock – he’s autistic and he also has dyspraxia, so he hasn’t really taken in what’s been going on until he gets home now . He is really upset and it completely discouraged him from going to the game. This is the first time he has attended a football match and this has happened.

After giving news of her son, she explains the scene: “He filmed all the United players passing. And then he put his phone down because Ronaldo had taken his sock down and his leg was bleeding. He lowered his phone to see what it was – he didn’t even speak. Ronaldo then walked past him, in a terrible, terrible mood. He tapped the phone and my son’s hand and kept walking. You can tell by the bruise that he had contact. I can’t believe I’m talking about this. He’s an autistic boy and he was mugged by a football player, that’s how I see him as a mom.”

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