Standoff as Speaker Muturi is forced to assure MPs of impartiality

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi on Thursday had to explain himself before the house regarding his role vis-à-vis his current role as a member of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

His explanation came shortly before Wajir Women Representative Fatuma Gedi substantiated her claims linking deputy president William Ruto to land grabbing.

Muturi gave a blow by blow explanation of how he will steer the house with impartiality even if he is a member of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

He allayed fears that he will be bipartisan in the discharge of duties at the Assembly.

Muturi gave existing examples of parliaments ruled by Speakers who come from a particular political divide yet they have been able to rule the house with impartiality.

“Impartiality Is not determined by which party you belong to. It must be you. You must be able to demonstrate that. Those of you who feel that the speaker is not imperatival …The speaker before you is unwilling to resign,” Mututi said

He added: “I have served on both sides and there is nothing that can divide this house that is before us this afternoon. The mention of the deputy president. All we need to do is follow the rules. I am not interested in what is being tabled by Fatuma Gedi…There is nothing we should worry about I will continue dispensing my duties”.

Also, the speaker said that he was sponsored by the political party to the House, just as other speakers who have served before.

“I don’t know of any speaker since independence who was ever elected as an independent in this house. All speakers including myself have been sponsored by political parties.”

Muturi stated that the same applies to Tanzania.

“In the United Kingdom, the Speakers are members of parliament representing constituencies.”

Rarieda MP had claimed that:

“Speaker that question of fact will put you in difficulty because we take judicial notice that you have found it fit take sides with the Deputy President.”

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