Lonely Harmonize pleads with girlfriend for second chance

Harmonize, the renowned Tanzanian musician, appears to be pulling all stops as he bids to win back his girlfriend Frida Kajala, it seems.

The Happy birthday hitmaker, real name Rajab Andul, showed off a brand new Range Rover Evogue he’d apparently bought for her, complete with customized number plates.

He claimed the car was a small token for his better half, who doubles up as a Bongo movie actress as he bids to seek her forgiveness following a recent fallout.

“I’m lonely and will not get tired to ask for your forgiveness,” the singer explained in the accompanying message.

The two started dating in 2021 after the musician broke up with his Italian girlfriend amid infidelity concerns.

Months later, she unfollowed him on social media and deleted all his photos, suggesting that all was not well.

And in recent weeks, the singer has appeared to pull all stops in a bid to lure her back.

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