Rubis CEO Jean-Christian Bergeron to be Deported from the Country Over Hoarding Fuel

Rubis Energy CEO Jean-Christian Bergeron to be deported from the country after EPRA promised stern action on oil marketers hoarding fuel in the country.

The State Directorate of Immigration revoked Mr Bergeron’s work permit and ordered him to leave the country immediately following weeks of shortages that have caused a public outcry.

The deportation order follows revelations by EPRA that some oil marketers are diverting some of their loadings to export to neighbouring countries leaving the local market to suffer intermittent supply.

Kenya has been facing a fuel shortage over the past month mostly due to the delay of payment of the fuel subsidy by the government to the distributors.

However, a study by EPRA has analyzed the daily petroleum loadings over the past 4 weeks and noted that a number of Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have in the period under review given priority to export loadings while the local market was left to suffer intermittent supply.

The companies reportedly increased the share of fuel they sell to the neighbouring countries to over 60 percent against the traditional 40 percent to ease their cash crunch.  

As a result, EPRA has come up with measures to curb the sell of to the neighbouring countries by reducing the capacity share for all OMCs who increased their transit volumes over and above their normal quota during the supply crisis period.

As well as corresponding an increase of capacity share to all OMCs whose local volume sales increased above their normal quota during the same period.

Currently, Rubis controls 8.6 percent of the local market, making it the third biggest marketer after TotalEnergies and Vivo Energies. The sister company to Rubis, Gulf Energy controls 2.7 percent of the market.

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