NSE Weekly Turnover Rises 56% to KSh 2.8B

The NSE recorded an increase in Weekly Equity Turnover to KSh 2.5 Billion on 77.8 Million Shares compared to Turnover of KSh 1.4 Billion on 40.7 Million Shares posted the prior week, an increase of 56.1%.


When trading ended at the bourse this Friday, the weekly NSE 20 Share Index was down 8.35 points to stand at 1747.22 while the NSE All Share Index fell 5.08 points to end the week at 139.65. The NSE 25 Share Index lost 80.70 points during the week to close on Friday at 3199.15

The NSE Derivatives Market closed the week with a total of 40 contracts valued at KSh1.6Million.

In yesterday’s trading session, market turnover rose to KSh 314Million from KSh 235Million while the number of shares traded stood at 9.9Million against 10Million posted the previous session.

The Banking Sector had shares worth KSh 698Million transacted which accounted for 28.17% of the week’s traded value.

Equity Group Holdings declined by 3.50% to KSh 45.50, down from KSh47.15 registered the previous week, with shares worth KSh376Million transacted.

KCB Group was down 1.38% to KSh35.75 and moved 5Million shares valued at KSh189Million. NCBA Group was up 6.21% to KSh26.50 and moved 1.7Million shares valued at KSh 44Million.

The Energy & Petroleum Sector had shares worth KSh11.9Million transacted which represented 0.48% of the week’s traded value.

Kenya Power & Lighting moved 3.7Million shares worth KSh5.3Million at a fairly stable price of KSh1.46. Umeme was up 1.27% to KSh 8.00 and moved 498,000 shares valued at KSh 3.9Million.

The Manufacturing & Allied Sector had shares worth KSh136Million transacted which represented 5.50% of the week’s traded value.

E.A Breweries closed 1.80% higher to KSh141.50 on a volume of 937,000 shares valued at KSh131 Million. B.A.T edged up 1.32% to KSh 423.00 on a volume of 10,000 shares value at KSh 4Million.

Safaricom declined by 5.62% to KSh 30.20, down from KSh32.00 registered the previous week, with shares worth KSh1.6Million transacted; this represented 64.83% of the weeks traded value.

The fixed income securities market segment had improved activity this week with bonds worth KSh16.7Billion transacted compared to  KSh7.88Billion registered the previous week.

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