Uhuru failed to take Mt Kenya to Raila, will you?

UDA party deputy presidential candidate Rigathi Gachagua has downplayed the nomination of Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua as the running mate of ODM leader Raila Odinga.

In a political rally in Kajiado on Monday, Rigathi ostensibly said Karua will not manage to bring Mt Kenya votes to Raila Odinga.

He noted that the Mt Kenya region has already made up its mind to back Ruto saying that is a done deal.

Gachagua opined that the fact President Uhuru Kenyatta has failed to persuade the Mt Kenya region to back Raila means the region has already made up its mind on who to support.

“Our president who we love tried to take us to Raila and we refused. Raila has now taken a woman from Kirinyaga to take you to his camp. Will that be possible?” Gachagua posed.

“This woman who has now been sent by him when she comes here, will you tell her that you already made up your mind? Will you tell her, that if Uhuru who is the sitting president failed to take us there, will she?”

The Mathira MP who was nominated as Deputy President William Ruto’s running mate is seemingly positioning himself as the political kingpin of the Mt Kenya region.

His abrasive character and ability to mobilise the masses saw him beat Tharaka Nithi senator in the race to be Ruto’s deputy.

Gachagua is tasked with delivering the 5.8 million Mt Kenya votes to Ruto’s basket.

Raila on the other hand countered the nomination of Gachagua by picking Karua as his running mate.

The ODM chief is looking forward to winning the support of the Mt Kenya region through Karua.

The Kenya Kwanza caravan led by Ruto pitched tents in Kajiado for a series of campaign rallies.

The leaders present exuded confidence that Ruto will win the presidency.

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