Sudi is in Eldoret not Turkey, lawyers tell court

A court on Thursday established that Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi is in Eldoret contrary to the reports that he was out of the country.

Sudi failed to appear for the hearing of his fraud case on Wednesday, claiming he had traveled to Turkey to seek medical treatment. It was not made clear to the court what the legislator is ailing from.

But on Thursday the court established that the MP was still within the country.

The court adjourned the matter on Wednesday to give the defence team time to produce concrete evidence proving their client is in Turkey.

But Magistrate Felix Kombo was still not satisfied with the documents produced by Sudi’s legal team.

“These documents still don’t show a specific address where the hospital is located,” Kombo said.

“It is also now clear that your client did not travel. Why did you say he travelled? If he gave you instructions that were not true, tell me and leave it to the court,” said Kombo.

The court also took issue with a medical document signed by one, Austin Okoth.

“Is Austin Okoth a doctor?” Kombo posed.

“I can’t authoritatively confirm because these were documents sent to me by my client,” said one of Sudi’s lawyers.

The magistrate briefly adjourned the matter to allow the defence team put their house in order.

They said Okoth is a doctor and they had no problem with the same being verified.

Kombo subsequently directed the case proceeds to hearing in the absence of Sudi. His lawyers did not object to the same.

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