CBK Accepts KSh 22.9B at Weekly T-Bills Auction

The CBK received bids worth KSh 27.9 billion at the weekly treasury bills auction, an oversubscription of 116.30%, with the state fiscal agent accepting KSh 22.9 billion.

The most attractive instrument was the 91-days Treasury Bill, which received bids worth KSh 5.5 billion out of KSh 4 billion on offer, an oversubscription of 136.88%, with the Government fiscal agent accepting KSh 2.5 billion.

The 364-day Treasury Bill received bids worth KSh 12.2 billion out of the KSh 10 billion, a performance rate of 121.85%, with the state accepting KSh 12 billion.

The least attractive instrument was the six-month treasury bill which received bids worth KSh 10.2 billion, while CBK had offered KSh 10 billion, a performance rate of 102.52%, with KSh 8.3 billion accepted at this auction.


The Central Bank of Kenya offered investors a rate of return of 7.758%, 8.832% and 9.879% for three months, 182-day and 364-day treasury bills, respectively, at this auction.

This compares with 7.683%, 8.722% and 9.860% at the previous auction.

The amounts accepted by the CBK were KSh 13.3 billion in competitive bids and KSh 9.6 billion in non-competitive bids.

The next auction and bids closure is 26th May 2022, while results will be announced on 27th May 2022. The Government will be looking for KSh 19.6 billion for loan redemptions and KSh 4.4 billion in new borrowings.

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