Michel does not want Mbappé at Real Madrid even after 2025

Who hasn’t yet given their opinion on Kylian Mbappé’s extension? There were Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti and Karim Benzema, the bosses of La Liga and Serie A, former stars like Samuel Eto’o, Francesco Totti or Rio Ferdinand and so many others. This time, it is Michel, the former coach of Olympique de Marseille, spent when he was a player by Real Madrid, who spoke about the snub received by the Madrid club. For him, Mbappé is the loser in history and he advises the club not to try to take the Frenchman in three years.

“Throughout history, Real Madrid have had great players and have never regretted their departure or absence. In this case, I don’t know if it’s good or bad news for Real Madrid, but for Mbappé it’s bad news. Betrayals are only for someone you love and Mbappé had no feelings for Real Madrid, if ever. Now in 2025 I wouldn’t bring him because due to the circumstances he had the opportunity and if he doesn’t want to come now he shouldn’t come later.” he explained in the columns of AS.

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