Intelligence data shows Raila will win with 60%

The  National Intelligence Service data shows ODM leader Raila Odinga will win the August presidential elections by at least 60 per cent of the votes cast, Interior principal secretary Karanja Kibicho has divulged.

Kibicho’s sentiments come two days after ICT CS Joe Mucheru boldly said the Opposition chief is poised for a commanding victory.

“We will not require a round two vote… All indicators are that he will take it in round One. The data we have, the opinion polls available and many other factors point to that reality,” Mucheru said in an interview with Inooro TV on Sunday.

The Interior PS termed Mucheru’s sentiments as a true reflection of what the intelligence data shows.

When asked, in an interview with Citizen Tv on Tuesday, who the intelligence data shows will win the August poll, Kibicho said: “You were told here by CS Mucheru what the data says. That is the intelligence data”.

On whether Raila will win in the first round with 60 per cent, Kibicho answered in the affirmative saying: “Yes that is what intelligence data is saying. First round win”.

The Interior PS went on to justify his answer by saying they have detailed information about the political situation across the country.

He took a swipe at the Kenya Kwanza Alliance led by Deputy President William Ruto saying they are fond of making too much “noise” but they have no support on the ground.

“I am in touch with every village in this country through our national government administration network. We feel the temperatures of this country including the political one.”

Kibicho said the DP and his camp have perfected the art of creating perception through “photoshopping” images of their political rallies to create an image that they enjoy massive support.

He claimed data in their possession show the DP’s camp is trailing even as he said the August election is a two-horse race.

Kibicho at the same time downplayed claims that there is a plan to rig the August elections.

He faulted the Kenya Kwanza camp for the allegations saying they are just setting the stage ostensibly to deny the outcome of the elections.

“What we are seeing is a situation where people start playing victims, creating a perception. You have all these things of rigging. What these people are trying to do is to set the stage. This is not the first time we are seeing this,” he said.

He defended President Uhuru Kenyatta from claims that he is at the centre of plans to rig the polls saying the allegations are far from the truth.

Kibicho assured Kenyans the forthcoming elections will be free and fair and that the will of the people will prevail.

“There is no rigging whatsoever. There can’t be because this is a government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta who believes in rule of law and democracy. Everyone knows that unless they are pretending,” Kibicho said.

“Uhuru is not the kind of person who can sit in a room and say manipulate this election. The will of the people shall prevail on August 9.”

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