Kenyans react to death of pilot who thrilled them at Nairobi airshow

A South African pilot who participated in the first Kenyan Defense Force (KDF) Museum Airshow perished in a horrific similar flying trip on Tuesday, May 31,2022.

Mark Sampson met his untimely demise during the ‘Formation Aerobatics’ drill in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, while returning to Nairobi from Cape Town.

The South African national was among the Marksmen Aerobatic Team that entertained Kenyans in a spectacular event held at Uhuru Gardens on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

The one of a kind KDF Air Show that saw operations at the Wilson Airport halted, was graced by notable dignitaries led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ethiopia’s Premier Abiy Ahmed.

In a chilling video that has been doing rounds online, the ill-fated plane is seen spinning magnificently before plummeting suddenly as spectators watched aghast.

Authorities in Harare confirmed the horrid incident eulogizing the deceased as an ‘outstanding aviator.’

“It is with great sadness and a profound sense of loss that today, the Marksmen aerobatic team can confirm that Mark Sampson, outstanding aviator, honoured team member, trusted number-4 and loyal friend, perished in a flying incident in Harare, Zimbabwe,” the presser read in part.

While sending their condolences on social media platforms, majority of Kenyans were seemingly dismayed to learn that the picturesque performance that left them wowed was performed by foreign nationals contrary to their belief that it was their own men in uniforms.

“I feel cheated, depressed and molested… The announcer was telling us to clap and cheer for our boys… kumbe ni odiero,” exclaimed Lavena Adams.

“Mnasemanga ati hawa ni vijana wetu wakutoka hapa hapa… nkt! We never seem to get anything right as a country..,” stated Sam Njuguna

“So the government hired showmen and lied to us that those were our men and women Uniform?” wondered

“So the pilots who were showing all the stunts were not Kenyans… Hehehee, I’m about to take a break from being Kenyan,” remarked Everlyn Makacha

“I’d a feeling that these guys were not sons of our soil. Neo colonialism at its best. The only son around was that Rhino,” wrote one Patrick Richie.

“So all was just movie… Uhuru akiangalia juu akidhani ni Kenyan officers kumbe ni zungus,” said Dennis Stockman

“So we hired English men to come and entertain us on behalf of KDF? Why couldn’t we train our African men to do So? RIP Mark Sampson,” said Fredrick Sila.

“So hawa ndio pilots walikuwa na hizo ndege, it’s like everything in Kenya is fake, we Kenyans thought it was our men in uniform capability, so unfortunate,” remarked one james Kariuki.

“So they hired a pilot I thought it was KDF thing. Then he was supposed be performing today too,” wondered Josee Kimani.

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