KOT react to claims Raila Odinga will ‘easily’ win the August polls

Kenyans on Twitter have shared varied reactions to Interior PS Karanja Kibicho’s suggestion that Raila Odinga will win the August 2022 polls in the first round with 60 percent of the votes cast.

Kibicho in a television interview, explained he was quoting Intelligence data.

He also suggested some presidential candidates have been giving an impression they were popular while they were not.

One user felt public servants should respect their oath of office and not draw into politics.

Why on earth would any one draw NIS into the politics of the Land ? Public Servants ought to respect their oath of office. Do not taint the Caliper of NIS to such Cheap Postulated findings. Even Propaganda requires some intelligence. Look at the insecurity situations. 🇰🇪 is Peace

— keoye melchizedek (@revmelchizedek) June 1, 2022

Another one countered that they were on track as they gather information on anything within Kenya’s borders.

They gather information on anything within the borders of Kenya

— Moses Singh (@Singhville) June 1, 2022

Another user claimed there was a sinister motive when a public servant abandoned their roles and dived into giving unfounded figures.

Another felt no one cared about the statistics.

He can even say Raila will get 70% in Rift Valley who cares

— Victor (@Victor19413381) June 1, 2022

Another one claimed it was wise to manage expectations from Raila’s end to avoid what has been witnessed in the past.

It is safe to manage expectations from Raila’s end to avoid what has been witnessed in the past. If the PS was to replace Azimio and Raila Odinga with UDA and William Ruto, you can predict a handshake in advance.

— Bernard Koech (@KoechBernard) June 1, 2022

Another argued Odinga was not as popular as Kibicho would want Kenyans to believe.

@UDAKenya @WilliamsRuto @KIMANIICHUNGWAH @HonMoses_Kuria @ahmednasirlaw @NdindiNyoro @MigunaMiguna @HonAdenDuale @MusaliaMudavadi @Wetangulam @SpeakerJBMuturi

And they think Kenyans are fools? We are not in 16th century. They’ve reached limits.

Project Raila has been REJECTED

— Sharp Shooter (@SharpSh05380877) June 1, 2022

While another said Kibicho’s claims were far fetched.

Fake intelligent reports Coming from a Govt office, surely this is very wrong especially coming from a PS in charge of internal security no wonder Kerio valley is bleeding if reports they are using are fake like this one.

— Chesire Kibelion Arap Omonei (@philemon123) June 1, 2022

Another user claimed Ruto was more popular than Raila Odinga.

Hakuna intelligence data showing that the Former PM Raila Odinga is at 60%. Interior PS Karanja Kibicho may be partisan, but he is not a madman. Huwezi ongea ovyo ovyo about NIS data on national TV. He was just trying to dispute the NIS report leakages that show DP Ruto is ahead.

— Nahashon Kimemia (@NahashonKimemia) June 1, 2022

Kibicho and Communications (ICT) Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru have consistently indicated Odinga, who is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s blue eyed boy, will triumph in the polls.

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