French Open day 12: Who said what

No stress: Coco Gauff © AFP / Thomas SAMSON

Paris (AFP), May 31 – Who said what on the 12th day of the 2022 French Open at Roland Garros on Thursday:

“Yeah it’s a Grand Slam final but there are so many things going on in the world, especially in the U.S. — I think it’s not important to stress over a tennis match.”

— Coco Gauff after reaching her maiden Grand Slam final.

“I use music to kind of have something that’s going to get my brain busy and relaxed before the match. But also when I want to be more energetic, it really helps me.”

— Iga Swiatek on her fondness for Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses as a means of inspiration before matches.

“So it’s really nice that I could be a part of the celebration, but I didn’t actually know what to do exactly. I didn’t want to spoil her moment.”

— Swiatek on being called into help Billie-Jean King celebrate 50 years since her first French Open title in 1972.

“Took her a while to respond!”

— Wesley Koolhof on his Instagram message to Ena Shibahara asking her to play mixed doubles on the eve of Roland Garros. On Thursday, they defeated Ulrikke Eikeri and Joran Vliegen 7-6 (7/5), 6-2 to win the title.

“I grew up with a family of five and we all kind of played tennis together, and they would played doubles, and I’m the youngest, so I’m always trying to fight for the spot to be the fourth player.”

— Shibahara on learning the game back home in California.

“I’m not really informed on British traditions and everything but if I did have the opportunity to meet the Queen, that would be pretty cool. She’s been a queen forever. Like, in the U.S., you know, the presidents, they change and all that. So meeting somebody that’s been in that platform I think for that long would definitely be a change of perspective in my head. Growing up as a girl, you always want to be the princess, but meeting a real queen, that would be pretty cool.”

— Coco Gauff when asked if she has been following the Platinum Jubilee in the UK where Queen Elizabeth II is marking 70 years on the throne.

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